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ANIMAL. CRUELTY. Are you people blind? Fish require a minimum of 5…
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Tony the Truck Stop Tiger… Still in Tiger Hell

Tony the Truck Stop Tiger… Still in Tiger Hell

Tony the Truck Stop Tiger... an update by Deidre Cruse, Governmental Reporter, Post South.

Happy Valentines Day… A HAUTE Contest Sponsored by Petmate

Happy Valentines Day… A HAUTE Contest Sponsored by Petmate

This year on Valentine’s Day, pet parents can show their beloved companions just how much…

MyPetDMV… Driving Miss Doggy?!?

MyPetDMV… Driving Miss Doggy?!?

Well now you can, thanks to MyPetDMV, where your HAUTE Rodding

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Can't decide?!?

Make Both!!!


Today is the Preakness Stakes, and we know what that means... another excuse for cocktail's around the HorN Pets loft!!!

If you're gonna watch a Triple Crown race you've gotta be sipping the right cocktail, we make it easy, we've given you two variations of the Black Eyed Susan the official beverage of the Preakness Stakes!!! CHEERS

How to make a Black Eyed Susan According to the Preakness website
* 3/4 of an ounce 42 Below Vodka
* 1 ounce of Early Times Kentucky WhiskeyRead more


I bet her baby is really cute!!!

Can we get a baby???


Thanksgiving thoughts from our very good friend, and sometime guest blogger, Heather Kalinowski!!!

Thanksgiving is a week from today and it’s tradition in my family, and for many families, to make a list of all the things you are thankful for in your life. Well, I’m sure our pets are at the top of all of our lists! Our furry friends stick by us through thick and thin the whole year long, so what better time to show our appreciation than during the one holiday dedicated…Read more


OMD... some of these cards are so rude!!! LOVE IT


YES... it is Friday... Funny Friday, and there's nothing funnier the latest batch of e-cards from PawedCards!!!

We introduced you to PawedCards back in February, we loved them then, we're nuts about them now!!! This post is a "rewind", the e-cards... ALL NEW... ENJOY!!!

You may not want the younger members of your human family to visit this site, but the rest of you need to get there fast!!! You all know the HorN Pets gang has a bit of a "blue" sense of humor, so these…Read more


AWE... That's so romantic!!!!


The HorN Pets gang, and Dexter the Yorkie, want to wish all of our HAUTE friends, human and otherwise, a Super HAUTE Valentines Day... if you don't have a Valentine, love yourself, that's where it all starts anyway!!!

We don't think there's a better way to start your Valentines Day than with this adorable love story, beautifully set to music and dramatically presented by Dexter!!!

Why not send this Valentine Video to all your hu-friends, it cheaper than flowers, and has fewer calories than chocolate!!!

We are proud to say this uber talented Yorkie is a great friend of HorN Pets and we're always so excited to…Read more


Are you sure it doesn't come in Haute Pink?!?


Go green, and go the distance… with Thirstydog you can do both!!!

Everybody knows it’s not just HAUTE in Miami it can be HOT too, even in February, so whenever Gordi goes anywhere, whether it’s a morning stroll along Biscayne Bay, or an afternoon on So Be, she always takes her water. With the new Thirstydog water bottle she can do it in style, and be eco-friendly, (it’s not heavy either) at the same time!!!
That’s HAUTE!!!

"Inspired by…Read more


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The Freedom Leash

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