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Tony the Truck Stop Tiger… Still in Tiger Hell

Tony the Truck Stop Tiger… Still in Tiger Hell

Tony the Truck Stop Tiger... an update by Deidre Cruse, Governmental Reporter, Post South.

Happy Valentines Day… A HAUTE Contest Sponsored by Petmate

Happy Valentines Day… A HAUTE Contest Sponsored by Petmate

This year on Valentine’s Day, pet parents can show their beloved companions just how much…

MyPetDMV… Driving Miss Doggy?!?

MyPetDMV… Driving Miss Doggy?!?

Well now you can, thanks to MyPetDMV, where your HAUTE Rodding

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Hey... What about a dog book!?!


A Tuna-Tuesday Treat + Super Haute Gift Idea = "It's A Cat's Life"

Part scrapbook part how-to book... The Complete Book of Kitty is perfect for any new cat family. It's chock full everything you need to know about kitty’s daily life and how to care for him or her.

The book is also a wonderful tool/gift for children to learn how to care for and nurture there fur-babies!!!Read more


Let's just get it over-with...

I can't wait till July 5th!!!


The 4th of July "fireworksphobia" theme continues... we're obsessed!!!

As we mentioned yesterday, a lot of dogs are scared of fireworks and often need much calming and help in surviving the whole ordeal with their dignity intact.

But it’s not only dogs that get stressed. Cats, too, are often quite twitchy when it comes to sudden, loud noises. My cat takes off in fright (after a quick, manly growl to let everyone know who’s boss) and hides whenever the doorbell rings.…Read more


4th of July... AGAIN!!!


It's time for our annual lecture about keeping your pets safe, secure, and un-stressed during the LOUD 4th of July celebrations!!!

What better way to celebrate the holidays than to gather with friends, family and all the Fidos for an annual 4th of July B-B-Q??? South Florida is unique in that it's tradition in our communities to see "packs" gather in back yards, state parks, and beach-side, outfitted with all the essentials, grills loaded with franks, and burgers, along side coolers full of beer, and chips. Let's not forget the savory toppings either. While dads are…Read more


This is freakn' AWSOME!!!


Looks like it's about to happen on a grand scalel!!!

Cable and satellite TV providers give you access to hundreds of channels, but all of them are clearly intended for human viewers.

That's about to change according to Matt Brownell of Daily Finance.

Bloomberg reports that DirecTV will soon start showing DogTV, the world's first television channel whose target audience has four legs and a tail.

The network explains on Read more


Don't worry...

I'll protect you from there HIDEOUS creatures!!!


No... Not the landlords on Three's Company!!!

These HAUTIES deserve a second look!!!

The Original Roopers from our friends at PetMate, the HAUTEST new dog (there's a cat one too) toy EVER!!!

The Roopers charming personality, adorable faces and durable construction make the lovable collection a family of toys both fur-babies, hu-moms and dads will enjoy. In fact we suggest you get a couple of these, perhaps one for Fido…Read more


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The Freedom Leash

The Freedom Leash, is a unique one-hand operated, dual, retractable leash that enables owners to walk two dogs on one…

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