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ANIMAL. CRUELTY. Are you people blind? Fish require a minimum of 5…
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Tony the Truck Stop Tiger… Still in Tiger Hell

Tony the Truck Stop Tiger… Still in Tiger Hell

Tony the Truck Stop Tiger... an update by Deidre Cruse, Governmental Reporter, Post South.

Happy Valentines Day… A HAUTE Contest Sponsored by Petmate

Happy Valentines Day… A HAUTE Contest Sponsored by Petmate

This year on Valentine’s Day, pet parents can show their beloved companions just how much…

MyPetDMV… Driving Miss Doggy?!?

MyPetDMV… Driving Miss Doggy?!?

Well now you can, thanks to MyPetDMV, where your HAUTE Rodding

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Go Fresh Design - Cherry Skyscraper

WOW... They should give one of those to the horses!!!


It's Kentucky Derby Day, and we all know that means cocktails... Mint Juleps to be precise, this year we'll be making ours with a twist!!!

No Kentucky Derby would be complete without the venerable Mint Julep on the first Saturday in May. According to the Derby Museum, Mint Julep became Churchill Down's signature drink in 1938 when they started to serve the drink in sourvenir glasses for 75 cents a drink. Today's Kentucky Derby serves more than 80,000 juleps over the two-day event.

Mint Julep first appeared in print in 1803 described as…Read more


It may not look like much...

but it's way better than the metal trash can with the ill fitting lid the hu-mans used to use!!!


If you have an animal that eats, and most of them do, there's probably a Vittles Vault for you!!!

The Vittles Vault storage systems, come in three distinct categories, Good, Better, and Best, the category we received for HorN Pets testing purposes, of course... we're too HAUTE for good no matter how good, good is!!!

We realize that pet food storage systems, and Vittles Vaults in particular are not sexy things, and no matter how much lipstick you might put…Read more


WOW... They actually make shampoo for horses!!!

I love being natural!!!


All natural soaps, shampoos, and cleaning products for, pets, people, even horses!!!

Yesterday it was the DRYPET towel, today Vermont Soap Organics Pet Shampoo, if think you detect a theme you're right!!! Will a bath time theme continue through the week... guess you'll just have to stick around and find out!?!

But today it's all about Vermont Soap Organics Pet Shampoo, a truly delightful natural shampoo made from organic coconut, olive and jojoba oils,…Read more


I look stunning in sepia tones!!!


Don't you want to give the pet parents on your holiday shopping list something super HAUTE, and super UNUSUAL??? If so, look no further than these personalized pet portraits by Hot Digital Dog!!!

These HAUTE pet portraits are the brain child of Cindy Jerrell who through the magic of modern photographic technique, can transport your favorite pet(s) back to a kinder, more genteel, period in animal history!!!

Even though it is probably a bit late (though it never hurts to ask) to get a customized portrait in time for Christmas, Cindy will send you gift certificate, and the lucky recipient of this…Read more

Go Zenyatta!   Pefect Record  


I think I could take her! Just kidding.

No horse can stop Zenyatta.


Today is a huge event in Thoroughbred Horse Racing. Today is the day that Zenyatta takes on the colts again in the Breeder's Cup Classic.

This inspiring mare is undefeated in 19 starts. She is a powerhouse horse. Her thrilling come from behind style makes for an edge of your seat experience every time you watch her come down the stretch. Don't know what I'm a talking about? Check out her performance from last year's BC Classic...

Today's race…Read more


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The Freedom Leash

The Freedom Leash, is a unique one-hand operated, dual, retractable leash that enables owners to walk two dogs on one…

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