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ANIMAL. CRUELTY. Are you people blind? Fish require a minimum of 5…
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Tony the Truck Stop Tiger… Still in Tiger Hell

Tony the Truck Stop Tiger… Still in Tiger Hell

Tony the Truck Stop Tiger... an update by Deidre Cruse, Governmental Reporter, Post South.

Happy Valentines Day… A HAUTE Contest Sponsored by Petmate

Happy Valentines Day… A HAUTE Contest Sponsored by Petmate

This year on Valentine’s Day, pet parents can show their beloved companions just how much…

MyPetDMV… Driving Miss Doggy?!?

MyPetDMV… Driving Miss Doggy?!?

Well now you can, thanks to MyPetDMV, where your HAUTE Rodding

Go Fresh Design - Cherry Skyscraper
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Sound's great "are we moving to Alaska"!?!


With the Sunbeam Heated Pet Bed Insert of course!!!

The Sunbeam Heated Pet Bed Insert allows you to transform any existing pet bed into a warm comfortable get-away for your beloved pets and provide them the heat and comfort they deserve, during what is promising to be a long COLD winter!!!

Simply place the SHPBI under the cushion of your pets favorite and plug it in, it's really that simple!!!

Loca…Read more

Don’t Get Put-Out… Get Sta-Put!!!

staring around $59.99  


This thing is pretty comfy!!!

Who would have guessed???


Tired of trying to keep Fifi and Fido off the furniture... why not meet them halfway?!?

With Solvit's "brand new" Sta-Put Bolstered Furniture Protectors an attractive and durable furniture cover designed to protect various sizes and styles of home furnishings.

The bolstered style provides furniture protection and superior comfort for pets, plus it is easy to remove when guests arrive. An integral part of the designs is a system of straps which keep the covers firmly in place on different types of furniture.…Read more


Damn... I don't fit!!!

Guess I'll have to walk!!!


A bag for pets & people on the move!!!

Our friends at Sherpa Pet are proud to bring us the new Sherpa Sport Sack ideal for city living, this convenient messenger bag is part of the Sherpa Sport Collection designed with lots of storage for you and the ultimate mesh ventilation for them!!!

Sharing the Sherpa Pet Sport Collection spot light with the Sherpa Sport Sack are…Read more


That's SOOOO not fair...

I want a bed that hangs in the window!!!


How??? Simple... with Sunny Seat, it'll give your cat(s) the best seat in the house!!!

Based on anecdotal evidence there isn't anything a cat cherishes more that a comfy seat in a sunny window, so anecdotally the Sunny Seat must be the thing your cat will cherish above all else... and isn't making kitteth happy your only function in life?!?

So as spring arrives on the scene and the garden creatures come out of their burrows, or wherever garden creatures go in the winter, let kitty enjoy…Read more


This thing's way HAUTER than you'd think at first glance!!!


After a craaaaaaazy week with our Silver Pets, it time to kick it!!!

And what better place for your seniors to "kick it" than on the Silver Tails... Multi- Use Mat with Removable Bamboo Charcoal Insert, or as we'll be calling it from now on ST... M-UMwRBCI!!!

What is Bamboo charcoal and why it it important you ask!!!

Simple...Bamboo charcoal is made from Miso Bamboo, also known as…Read more


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The Freedom Leash

The Freedom Leash, is a unique one-hand operated, dual, retractable leash that enables owners to walk two dogs on one…

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