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I'm a really strong swimmer...

but sometimes I can't find the pool steps, this thing really helps!!!


Summer's nearly here, it's time to take the cover off the swimming pool, the boat out of mothballs, and open up the beach house... and most importantly, it's time to start thinking pet water safety!!!

Enter Skamper-Ramp the multi-award winning, water safety ramp that gives pet owners everywhere, a little peace of mind!!!

Even if you don't live in Florida, like the HorN Pets gang, there are water hazards everywhere in the spring and summer, Skamper-Ramp can help address most of them.

This simple white, hi-tech plastic ramp attaches to the deck of the pool, walled pond, or even most docks and some boats (Note: boat installation will vary and in some cases requires ingenuity! This is because boat design is not as universally consistent as pool design).

Because all living beings see white, animals can see it—day or night—and they "skamper" out of the water on the ramp by themselves! This gives pet owners and animal lovers alike unprecedented peace of mind in terms of water safety...

The guy in the video with the HAUTE voice will tell you all about it!!!

The Skamper-Ramp is great for all helping all kinds of creatures get out the water, even the ones that don't have any reason for being there in the first place, like cats, opossums even frogs!!! Isn't it better to let frogs hop out on their own than spending half the morning trying to fish them out with a pool skimmer.

Click here to see all the reasons you should have a Skamper-Ramp, for your pool, boat, or dock, which size is best suited to your particular pet needs, or click here to order yours today!!!

What could be HAUTER than a safe pet this summer?!?

Animal Safety From Dogs to Frogs…. with Skamper-Ramp!!! Animal Safety From Dogs to Frogs…. with Skamper-Ramp!!!
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