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“Rewind” Catty Stacks… Because Cats Love Boxes…

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“Rewind” Catty Stacks… Because Cats Love Boxes…

Sets starting at $34.99  


Hey... How about some Doggie Stacks?!?


and Haute or Not Pets loves Catty Stacks... that's why they are the latest recipient of the HorN Pets, Seal of Hauteness!!!

Please enjoy Marvin's reflections, in this late summer 'rewind', about his first day with Catty Stacks, we're pretty sure you'll understand why we think they're so HAUTE!!!

by Marvin (the Cat, Esq)

I was dubious when a box with boxes in it arrived.

No food. No nip. Was this meant to arouse the interest of a cat such as I?

Well. My human set up the boxes into cubes - I didn't even have to leap upon a box, and make it into my own...she did it for me.

And then she clipped these colored cubes together. They have holes on each side. It's like I can live in a Vegas die, without the travel.

Hmmm....let me investigate...


When the Catty Stacks arrived, I have to say I too was a little dubious. I mean, I can give my cat cardboard any old time. Any box that sits on the floor for more than 5 seconds and he's climbing into it - or trying to.

But I set them up, and waited.

Marvin investigated. He sniffed, he prowled. He finally went in. Now, Marvin is a manly cat. He is black and has a physique that's best described as 'heavy-weight boxer'. His middle section did scrape the sides.

So I was dubious - would this suit the huskier of the cat world? Sure they're sturdy,'s have egos... Turns out, the Catty Stacks are sturdy and clip together very well. They hold. And Marvin loves to lurk in one corner of them, with an eye glinting, watching for prey, sticking a paw at the ready to strike any stray string, limbs or feathers on a stick that may waft by out one round hole, and stick his elegant but manly tail out of a corner.

They do indeed fit the huskier cats. In Marvin's case, just - his middle scrapes the sides. However, as the ad says, one size does not fit all! I chose not to make the openings bigger because Marvin loves to be in a space where he can spy, but can also hide.

What I like about them is they are strong, they clip together, and a cat can stalk from within. Marvin actually climbs in and loves to play, lurk and even sleep in them. This is a great, inexpensive play house for cats, and you can build forts and cities and change them up, to keep even the most demanding cat happy.

Catty Stacks are also eco-friendly...all materials are selected for their recyclable, renewable, or sustainable properties. They use highly recycled, post-consumer cardboard, 100% soy-based ink, and felt made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Catty Stacks? We say, HAUTE!

“Rewind” Catty Stacks… Because Cats Love Boxes… “Rewind” Catty Stacks… Because Cats Love Boxes…
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I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WANT THESE!!!! How hard were they to put together? How many do you get in a "starter kit?" I want these sooooooooooo bad!! Cody would be crazy for these!!! Your video was adorable and a wonderful endorsement of how great these seem to be. Did I mention that I WANT THESE???!!!! lol Cat Chat

posted by caren gittleman

on 08/23/2010 at 9:06 am



Marvin's hu-mom said they are very easy to assemble...

posted by Rick Tamargo

on 08/23/2010 at 3:19 pm

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