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No leash to get tangled up in...

that's kind of HAUTE!!!


Every once in a while we see something at HorN Pets, that completly makes us scratch our heads and ask, “how did they think of that”!!!

That’s exactly what we thought (or more or less what we thought) when we received our sample of supercollar®.

We see lots of collars and leashes around here, none of which are particularly different from one another, some are all about the bling, or a really HAUTE custom fabric, (which you know we love at HorN Pets). Others might tout functionality, or some safety feature or another that gives them their uniqueness, and most are great items perfectly suited for what they were designed to do. But there is one thing that makes these sets not particularly different from each other, in every case they are two pieces a collar and a leash.

Enter supercollar® a one piece unit, that though it lacks a certain element of glam, is one of the HAUTEST ideas we’ve seen in a while.

When our supercollar® arrived for testing, it was in a size large, so Gordi was the obvious choice to try it out (Paisley was on vacation), as most of you know Gordi is a bit prissy and we were a little concerned about whether or not she would embrace a collar that though long on function, was a bit short when it came to South Beach style!!!

We worried in vain, Gordi loved the supercollar®... and what's not to love, her first trip to the leash free dog park wearing the supercollar® was a huge success, between not getting all tangled up in a too long leash, Gordi was also the center of attention (which she loves), both the two and four leggers were swarming around her desperate to know where she got it and where they can get their own supercollar®. It just goes show you sometimes a thing doesn't have to be covered in Swarovski Crystal to be HAUTE!!!

supercollar®... where function trumps fashion!!!

What's even HAUTER??? If you come to the National Dog Party Day Miami Event you'll have a chance to win one... that's what!!!

Supercollar®… for your Super-Dog
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I am super interested in this collar....I think it is a great idea! One of the reasons I think it is a great idea is that I have a Sheltie who can be super skittish when we ask him to do something that he doesn't want to do (believe it or not he does not like to take walks and will not "come" to get his leash to go for one) I do have a couple concerns though: 1) I noticed that all of the dogs in the video (unless I missed one) had SHORT fur.....would a Sheltie's long mane get tangled in the thin leash? 2) That silver thing sticking out looks like it would be uncomfortable to sleep that the case? I really love the concept and depending on what I hear I am strongly considering purchasing this ASAP.

posted by caren gittleman

on 11/30/2010 at 8:58 am



Hi Caren... Great observations, the cables are really smooth so I don't think longer hair getting tangled in them will be an issue, the collar is undoubtedly a little chunky but Gordi hasn't been bothered by it and has been taking her naps as usual... I do take whatever collar they're wearing off at bedtime. They like to sleep in the nude!!!

posted by Rick Tamargo

on 11/30/2010 at 9:32 am



Does this collar have a safety breakaway?

posted by Kathy Crowley

on 11/30/2010 at 12:46 pm



Hi Kathy, Great question, someone from supercollar is going to e-mail you directly with that info, and they will be able to answer any other questions you have...

posted by Rick Tamargo

on 11/30/2010 at 5:24 pm

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